Kegger can simplify street-level delivery

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies, a Carlisle company, is offering the Kegger custom-designed seamless fiberglass trailer for multi-stop delivery of refrigerated keg beer. A part of Johnson's Premier body line, the double-drop design between front and rear axles provides multiple, easy street-level exit and entry points for efficient keg delivery and driver safety. Keg loading can be done by forklift through 48-inch split rear doors.

The custom trailers can be made in 27- to 36-foot lengths with split and single doors on each side. Carrying capacity extends up to 100 kegs. All constructions have Johnson's seamless, rivetless exterior fiberglass body and seamless interior ArcticTherm liner. Combined with superior thermal break design and 2.1-lb foamed-in-place void-free polyurethane insulation, Johnson bodies are impervious to moisture. Digitally controlled refrigeration can be by eutectic cold plate or mechanical blower.

Other design features of the Johnson Kegger include:

  • 48-inch-high diamondplate steel wall and door flashing

  • Reinforced walls, floors, and doors

  • Hinged keg holders at all doors

  • Racking for empty kegs

  • Carbon dioxide cylinder and accessory racks

  • Slide-out walkup steps and platforms

  • Front bumper rack for two-wheel handcarts

  • Stainless or powdercoated hardware

  • Safety back-up cameras, sensors, alarms, and LED light packages.

For more details, contact Johnson, Rice Lake WI.

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