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KATRINA UPDATE: Dry vans needed

The Mississippi Emergency Management Administration (MEMA) is working with the American Trucking Assns. to acquire 20 dry vans needed daily through at least this week. The equipment will be used to deliver pre-sorted relief supplies from Jackson, MS to the damaged coastal areas.

MEMA is operating the truck deliveries from a 17-door staging area warehouse, with destination sites manned with unloading crews and/or forklifts.

Carriers wishing to participate in the Jackson-based relief supplies in-state delivery system should contact MEMA volunteer coordinator Blake Wilson by calling 800-748-7626 (MS Chamber of Commerce HQ) or 601-940-2877 (cell).

Carriers or organizations with relief supplies to be delivered to Mississippi should contact the Mississippi volunteer hotline, 866-230-8903.

In addition to the MEMA set-up, the Jackson-based Mississippi Trucking Assn. is in operation and aiding relief efforts. Carriers and organizations can contact Steve Boudreax at 601-354-0616 to coordinate assistance.

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