Karmak plans to show the Power of Technology

Karmak will host the largest user conference in its nearly 25-year history Oct 17-21, 2005. The Power of Technology: Karmak Technology Conference & Expo 2005, will be held at the Sheraton St Louis City Center in St Louis MO.

This conference will explore the latest software advances and new power-packed hardware that will take businesses into the future. In addition, participants will attend new, expert classroom and roundtable sessions in order to increase inventory turns, improve service, and increase efficiency.

Other activities throughout the conference include:

  • Demonstrations of developing and current Karmak software products.

  • One-on-one sessions to better understand business systems

  • Powerful security techniques to keep systems secure.

  • New topics like parts warranties and placing part orders over the Internet.

For more information, phone 800-622-6311 or visit the web site at www.Karmak.com.

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