Kaiser Aluminum Extends Contract with Armor Holdings

Kaiser Aluminum Corporation announced a contract extension with Armor Holdings to provide aluminum plating for U.S. military applications.

Under the contract extension, Kaiser will deliver armor for the M1114 Up-armored HMMVV (Humvee), a model customized for the U.S. military and equipped with additional armored protection on the sides and underbody of the vehicle. The M1114 has become one of the most commonly deployed vehicles by the U.S. military abroad due to its protection from armor-piercing projectiles and land mines.

"Kaiser has worked closely with Armor Holdings to provide top quality aluminum plating for U.S. military vehicles and we're pleased to extend this contract." said Jack Hockema, chairman, president and CEO, Kaiser Aluminum. "We are proud to continue in the efforts to protect our troops and serve this critical need for the country."

Ongoing military operations across the globe have increased demand for the durability and low weight aluminum offers. In 2004, a U.S. Armed Services Committee meeting was convened to determine ways to increase and expedite the production and use of armor materials in Iraq. Since that time, Kaiser Aluminum has provided more than 11 million pounds of plating for reinforcement of U.S. military vehicles.

Armor Holdings, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of military vehicles, vehicle armor systems and life safety and survivability systems serving military, law enforcement, homeland security and commercial markets. Additional information can be found at www.armorholdings.com.

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