Kögel Presents New Port 45 Multiplex

Kögel is displaying its latest container chassis, Port 45 Multiplex, at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show.

This sliding chassis, weighing in at only 6,210 kilograms, with a technical gross tare weight of 41,000 kilograms and a fifth-wheel load of 14,000 kilograms, is ideal for transporting 20- and 30-foot containers, as well as 40- and 45-foot high cubes. Its variable wheelbase ensures an optimal spread of load, with more weight on the fifth wheel when transporting heavy 20-foot containers.

In addition, the new Port 45 Multiplex has pneumatic pressure at the press of a button. The roller-mounted slide unit is now also equipped with an emergency locking system. This further improves the reliability of the vehicle. For a longer vehicle life, the rear extension of the Port 45 Multiplex has a high-quality integrated suspension system.

Weight saving is not limited to the lightweight chassis, but also provided through the Klapp Lock locking systems. These are about two kilos lighter than standard locks and can guarantee user-friendly operation.

In order to improve traction and to facilitate easier loading and unloading of heavy 20-foot containers, the wheelbase can be moved into any one of two positions. Thus with a short wheelbase the container is positioned optimally flush with the rear, and with a longer wheelbase you achieve the right fifth-wheel loading.

In addition to this, the drive axle load defined by EU Directive 96/53/EU is guaranteed to be at least 25 percent of the total vehicle length. Thanks to a further two positions in the rear extension, the Port 45 Multiplex can also handle two 20-foot containers, a single 30-Footer or a single 40-foot tunnel container. With the rear extension fully extended even a 45-footer with a short tunnel will fit on it. When the rear and front are both fully extended, even a 45-foot tunnel container can be loaded.

The new Kögel Port 45 Multiplex is available immediately, while the Port 40 Multiplex is due to be available in a new, improved version by the end of 2012.

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