Kögel Flexiuse Allows Adjustable Coupler, Roof Height

With FlexiUse, Kögel is presenting a trailer designed for the widest possible variety of transport tasks to the IAA Commercial Vehicles show.

The Kögel FlexiUse is suitable for use as required with lowliner, midiliner and standard tractor units. Its coupler height can be set variably between 965 and 1,150 millimetres. Thus the trailer is not just able to do more tasks, it also saves forwarding companies time and money.

The Kögel FlexiUse is based on the Kögel best sellers, Cargo and Mega. The FlexiUse has even more advantages. Its two different ride heights allow a range of possible fifth wheel coupling heights. The FlexiUse has two red coupling heads, an upper one and a lower one. You can change the ride height easily and automatically by coupling the brake pressure source to the appropriate coupling head. If you want to use a ride height with a coupling height of between 1000 and 1150 millimetres, then connect to the upper coupling head. If you want a fifth wheel coupling height of between 965 and 1000 millimetre, then connect up to the lower one. This will ensure fast re-coupling and thus flexible route planning.

The trailer body includes six forward and three rear adjustable settings. You can thus adjust the body height by 300 millimetres at the front and 150 millimetres at the rear independently. It has a maximum clearance height of 3,050 millimetres. Using the variable heights, cargo volumes of up to 100 m³ are possible. This will substantially help to reduce expensive empty trips too.

The closing support bow on the roof ensures that the aluminium back wall portal door fitted as standard with the FlexiUse is adjusted to the appropriate body height.

The trailer's flexibility in usage will naturally have a positive effect on its resale value. In addition, thanks to its standard 385/55 R 22.5 tyres and to its large disc brakes with a diameter of 430 millimetres, the FlexiUse also scores very low life cycle costs.

As with all Kögel vehicles, the entire vehicle frame of the Kögel FlexiUse is given long-lasting protection against corrosion by Nano Ceramic Technology and cathodic dip-paint coating, supplemented with UV painting.

The new Kögel FlexiUse will be available in January 2013.

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