JOST Acquires Edbro

The JOST Group had acquired British company Edbro plc, thus expanding its product portfolio for commercial vehicles to incorporate hydraulic cylinders and systems.

“JOST is the ideal partner for Edbro going forward,” said David Nesbitt, Edbro’s Managing Director. “Edbro will strongly benefit from becoming part of JOST’s global business. We will be able to grow our sales faster and access new markets through JOST’s global sales and distribution network.”

Since its foundation in 1916, Edbro has been engaged in the development of hydraulic lifting equipment and is a leader in hydraulic systems for commercial vehicles today.

Said Lars Brorsen, CEO of JOST group: “With the high-quality and well-engineered products and systems of Edbro, we are able to expand our product offering to our customers considerably. Besides expansion in existing markets, we have also set ourselves the target to introduce Edbro’s successful hydraulic systems into new markets.”

Edbro’s product portfolio includes front-end, underbody, tipping and trailer-thrust- cylinders, as well as customised hydraulic kit solutions.

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