Joint seminars center on rebuilt truck parts

The Council of Fleet Specialists and the Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association have announced a joint array of educational seminars for rebuilders of heavy-duty truck parts and equipment, for on- and off- road vehicles. Seminars are to be followed by a display of rebuilding equipment, components, cores and supplies during the “International BIG R Show.”

This event is set for the Riviera Hotel & Casino from Oct 29 through Nov 1, 2004, in Las Vegas NV. Topics include:

  • Lean Remanufacturing — Learn the fundamentals of this process — from visual controls to set-up and batch-size reductions. Instructor: John Fargher Jr, PhD, director, Missouri Enterprise Business Assistance Center.

  • Tax Secrets of the Wealthy — Irv Blackman, author of the new book Tax Secrets of the Wealthy, shares his secrets.

  • Unlocking the Commercial Vehicle Market — Moderator Bruce Plaxton, BGP Marketing Solutions, will chair the opening session panel featuring industry leaders who will discuss the role remanufactured components play.

  • To eBay or Not to eBay — David Struck of Weller Auto/Truck Parts in Grand Rapids, MI will talk about how he has used eBay to buy and sell a variety of auto and truck parts.

  • The Effect of Mechatronics and Electronics on the Future of Your Remanufacturing Business — Fernand Weiland of FJW Consulting, Cologne, Germany, will moderate this workshop and explain how the advent of electronics will affect products currently only mechanical or electrical in nature.

  • Future of Heavy Truck Technology — Bill Wade, executive director of the Council of Fleet Specialists, will present an overview of major technology trends drastically changing the heavy-duty parts and service business.

  • Warranty Return Analysis — Straight to the Bottom Line — Factors for warranty costs present a major challenge, but one that can be met when armed with a strategy and the appropriate analysis tools.

For details on registering for these events, access or or phone 703-968-2772 ext 105 to receive a convention brochure.

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