JerrDan SLVR simplifies urban towing

JerrDan Corp has introduced the Side Loading Vehicle Retriever (SLVR), which provides fast recovery and unparalleled access to tightly parked vehicles, and never blocks more than one lane during towing operations. In addition, the operator remotely controls recovery operations and never needs to leave the comfort and safety of the cab. According to JerrDan, this is the first model of its kind introduced to the United States towing industry.

The SLVR incorporates a patent-pending boom and mast assembly and lift arms, which allow pick-up on both sides of the retriever and “lifts and slides” the recovered vehicle onto the retriever's platform.

Benefits of the SLVR include:

  • Because the SLVR lifts and slides the vehicle from a parallel position, towers never block more than a single lane of traffic for any recovery.

  • The mast is equipped with lift arms that allow the operator to access and remove any car, even with no clearance at the front or rear of the vehicle. Arms are hydraulically operated to open and close around the recovered vehicle's tires and are adjustable to accommodate wheelbases from 88 to 145 inches.

  • Operators can remove a car in less than 45 seconds. The company is offering a free return-on-investment analysis for interested towers.

  • All operations are remote-controlled and monitored from inside the cab.

  • The SLVR reduces the opportunity for damage to the towed vehicle because the fork arms are remotely controlled, lift a vehicle by its tires and never touch the vehicle being recovered. In addition, the SLVR is equipped with dual, side-facing cameras that record the entire towing operation.

  • The SLVR is equipped with No-Lube technology, which means that most major pivot points and wear pads are lubed for life. A weatherproof automotive style electrical system with Packard connectors is standard.

This product is available on chassis with a minimum gross vehicle weight rating of 25,500 pounds. The cab-to-center-line-of-rear-axle distance is 150 to 156 inches.

For full details, contact JerrDan, Greencastle PA.

TAGS: Truck Bodies
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