Isuzu, Westport sign new collaboration agreement

Westport Innovations Inc. today announced it has signed a new collaboration agreement with Isuzu Motors of Japan to further advance their development partnership. Isuzu and Westport will assess the global market opportunity for the monofuel CNG-powered direct injection technology the two companies have developed. Isuzu will provide funding for Westport to continue technical development of key technologies for the project while the marketing analysis is underway.Michael Gallagher, Westport's Chief Operating Officer, said, "We are pleased to have this new agreement, formalizing our ongoing and expanding relationship with Isuzu. This follows on successful efforts in 2003 to demonstrate the viability of the technology, including the completion of the prototype truck and its success at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum in September."The Isuzu-Westport entrant in the 2003 Michelin Challenge Bibendum was the prototype ELF CNG-DI truck, equipped with a 4.5 litre monofuel engine using Westport's direct injection technology. The vehicle was awarded best-in- class with two gold medals (efficiency and emissions) and a silver medal (vehicle noise). The Michelin Challenge Bibendum is the world's premiere competition for environmental, advanced technology engines.

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