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Isuzu Links With AuraGen All-Electric Transport Refrigeration System

Isuzu Links With AuraGen All-Electric Transport Refrigeration System

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc. has announced the availability of an all-electric transport refrigeration unit powered by the AuraGen from Aura Systems, Inc. This system eliminates the need for a diesel motor to run the compressor on refrigerated trucks.

“We are pleased with the Isuzu announcement and are looking forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship with Isuzu not only for transport refrigeration applications but also for other applications where mobile power is required for compressors and other inductive type loads,” said Mel Gagerman, Aura’s CEO. “It is clear that the AuraGen solution has the potential to revolutionize the mid-size refrigeration truck industry. The elimination of the extra diesel engine provides large fuel savings to the fleet owners and helps the environment as well. A typical diesel engine used to power refrigeration trucks consumed about 0.7 gallons of diesel fuel per operating hour and generates emissions of approximately 230 kilograms of NOx (Nitrous Oxides), 200 kilograms of CO (Carbon Monoxide) and 25 kilograms of PM (Particulate Matter) per year.”

Todd Bloom, vice president, fleet operations and marketing, Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, said, “This is a revolutionary breakthrough enabling the refrigerated transportation industry to switch from traditional diesel to an all-electric system. Fleets can reduce their costs dramatically and help our environment at the same time.”

Isuzu low cab forward trucks are distributed through 205 Isuzu truck dealers and 350 GM W-Series dealers nationwide. Over 84 percent of all Isuzu-built trucks registered in the U.S. since 1984 are still on the road today.

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