Isuzu enhances Gold Star Warranty Program for Class 3-5 used trucks

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Inc has enhanced its Gold Star Warranty Program for Isuzu-built N-Series and Chevrolet/GMC W-Series Class 3-5 used trucks.

This limited powertrain warranty coverage is provided on inspected and qualified 2002 and newer vehicles at more than 225 nationwide Isuzu commercial truck dealers. Diesel vehicles in this program offer less than 170,000 miles, and gas vehicles have less than 100,000 miles.

Shaun Skinner, executive vice-president, general manager, said, “In response to requests from dealers and customers, we researched our vehicle usage and found that the average Isuzu Class 3-5 truck was traded in at about 6½ years, with many of these vehicles having less than 170,000 miles for diesel and under 100,000 miles for gas. We consider this to be low mileage, since our diesel models have an engine B-10 life of 310,000 miles and our gas trucks have an engine design life of 200,000 miles. We determined with our dealers that, after a comprehensive inspection, these vehicles would be a terrific value to customers wanting a less expensive but reliable low cab forward vehicle.”

The limited powertrain warranty coverage options are three months/10,000 miles, six months/20,000 miles, or 12 months/30,000 miles.

For more information, visit or call toll-free (866) 441-9638.

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