International's 7000 Series for the Severe Service Truck Buyer

INTERNATIONAL Truck and Engine Corporation, Chicago, Illinois, introduces the International 7000, a chassis specifically designed for the severe service truck market. The 7000 series is offered in a Class 7 or Class 8 rating. The Class 8 product is available in a 4 × 2 or 6 × 4 configuration with optional factory-installed, all-wheel drive.

“We're formally introducing the truck to the severe service buyer,” says Steve Keate, president, truck group, International Truck and Engine. “Trucks are hitting dealer showrooms, and they are starting to arrive at many body upfitters throughout the country.”

International touts the new 7000 series as a chassis designed for exposure to daily harsh duty cycles. “This truck is designed for plowing snow, hauling dirt, construction mixer, and waste collection, just to name a few of the severe environments that the 7000 was designed for,” Keate says.

The 7000 series offers engine ratings from 195 to 340 horsepower in gross vehicle weight (GVW) ratings from 27,000 to 66,000 lb. International's wet-sleeved I-6 series engines can provide up to 1,200 lb-ft of torque at 340 horsepower. Oil-change intervals for the I-6 engine series have been lengthened to 15,000 miles.

International manufactures the 7000 series equipped with a standard or high torque I-6 designated engine. Additionally, the engine is available in various horsepower ratings to meet specific customer demands.

An above-frame rail-mounted radiator provides cooling for the I-6 engines. The above-rail mounting system will help avoid damage in rugged applications and allow front engine-mounted PTO shafts to pass underneath.

Other Performance Enhancements

The 7000 series offers other durability-enhancing features including a huck-bolted frame rail system with optional “C” channel reinforcements. The yield strength and resisting bending moment have been increased to offer customers a seven-year frame-rail limited warranty. Other frame-rail reinforcement options are available to meet the demands of the severe service customer.

Entry and egress have been enhanced on the vehicle due to an offset step system, wider door openings, and interior grabhandles. Once inside the new cab, new interior designs meet the driver.

The 7000 series has a new cab interior that is ergonomically designed to provide more shoulder room, headroom, and front body room over the previous International models. The truck's steering wheel has been designed to reduce the steering efforts and fatigue of the driver. High-back driver's seating is standard equipment for the 7000 series. The seats are equipped with integrated headrest.

The dash layout has been designed to allow for easy viewing of all the monitored functions. Any controls that require driver attention have been located for quick access and should not require the driver to shift or reach from a normal driving position.

From the driver's seat, the International 7000 series offers an enhanced view of the road because of the new swept-back windshield design. The swept-back design increases the available viewing area of the window, especially on the periphery.

Driver's daily fluid checks should require less time because all fluids can be checked while standing at ground level. Fluid checks are conducted from the driver's side of the engine compartment.

To minimize repair cost, the 7000 series has been designed with breakaway mirrors, a three-piece hood, and an independent replacement grille.

Keate says that several different models of the 7000 series are available within the International dealer network. Other models of the 7000 series will be introduced as production increases.

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