International unveils two new vehicles for the utility industry

International Truck and Engine Corporation announced the launch of the new class 6 International 4200 4x4, together with another recently released member of the International 4000 series, the International 4100 class 5 conventional.

The International 4100 extends the family of industry-leading medium-duty trucks. Built with long-lasting and rugged medium commercial-truck components used in International’s line of class 6 and 7 trucks, the International 4100 is positioned uniquely in the class 5 market to deliver superior life-cycle value.

“The International 4100 is a great choice and provides unmatched value for utility industry customers that want the advantages of owning an International in a class 5 product offering,” said Mike Elwell, director of marketing, Medium Vehicle Center.

The new International 4200 4x4 is a fully integrated and factory-built vehicle, and extends our 4x4 offering into a lighter GVW rating. Like the International 4100, the International 4200 provides outstanding maneuverability and visibility, as well as extended and synchronized service intervals for reduced maintenance and operating costs. However, with a rugged frame and 4-wheel drive, the International 4200 can handle the off-road applications that the utility industry often faces.

“The International 4100 and International 4200 are the answers to our customers’ search for the right vehicle rating and capability for their business,” said Elwell. “These vehicles are well-suited for the diverse applications of the utility industry, providing exceptional performance and maneuverability, as well the International Diamond Logic® Electric system for drivers’ technology and safety needs.”

Both the International 4100 and International 4200 4x4 come equipped with the Diamond Logic Electric system, a self-diagnosing system that brings integrated intelligence to truck operations. It provides a range of body-integration benefits, including increased reliability and maximized uptime.

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