International unveils tire-, battery-monitoring technology

International Truck and Engine Corporation demonstrated a new tire and battery monitoring technology that will be introduced on its International 8600 model, used primarily by regional haul fleets.

A high-resolution on-board color display screen makes it easy for drivers to check tire pressure and battery health. Optional exterior cameras to reveal blind spots and provide assistance when backing can also feed images into the on-board information display. The tire pressure monitoring system quickly and accurately identifies tire temperature and pressure. The system relies on International's multiplexed electrical system and pressure sensors. The battery monitor provides drivers with information on battery voltage and state of charge for engine cranking.

"These features will reduce downtime and roadside repair expenses," said Gaylynn Skelnik, segment marketing manager, Heavy Vehicles, International Truck and Engine. "If a tire is low or a battery is about to fail, this technology warns the driver in advance."

The new features were demonstrated at the National Private Truck Council's Annual Education Management Conference in Nashville, Tenn., earlier this year. Other International 8600 features demonstrated at the conference that are already available on the International 8600 were Pre-Trip Exterior Light Inspection, headlights on with wipers, windshield wiper speed control, parking brake alarm, and theft deterrent system, all made possible via the DiamondLogic multiplexed electrical system.

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