International Transport Forum issues statistics update

The 2012 edition of the International Transport Forum's annual statistics update gathers data from the forum's 54 member nations for the period 1970-2010. Data cover all modes of transport as well as road safety. Some preliminary data for 2011 are also included.

The data highlight major trends in the transport sector:

  • The fall in world trade after the 2008 crisis impacted strongly on the transport sector. Changes in transport volumes were larger than both changes in GDP and trade.

  • Following recovery in some transport modes in 2010, performance has again weakened.

  • Statistics through 2010 and some preliminary data for 2011 show sea and air freight transport volumes rebounding strongly in 2010 to reach a new record high 2% above the pre-crisis peak.

  • Rail and road freight have seen slower recovery due to domestic economic performance. Rail freight volumes remain below pre-crisis levels and indicate stagnation in 2011, while road freight recovery remains slow. The crisis impacted on rail passenger transport later than other modes with regional data showing stagnation or a decrease in 2010.

  • Maritime freight data, showing continued growth in 2011, highlight the discrepancy between growth levels in developed and developing nations, the latter faring better.

  • Air freight transport in 2010 grew more than 20% from the previous year, signalling inventory rebuilding after the downturn and rising consumer demand. Preliminary data show worldwide air cargo volumes, a lead indicator for economic performance, stalling at 0% growth in 2011.

For more information, contact Hans Michael Kloth at +33-(0)1-4524-9596 or [email protected].

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