International partners with G&H on roll-off truck

Responding to customers in waste-collection businesses seeking a rugged, more reliable roll-off truck, International Truck and Engine Corporation announced the launch of the Integrated Roll-Off truck. All Integrated Roll-Off trucks will come with G&H hoists, which offer a 10-inch roll-off frame, 50-degree dump angle, cycle times as low as 22 seconds for hoist up and 12 seconds for hoist down.Up to 75,000-lb capacity, 22-foot or 24-foot rails to accommodate different container sizes, and 13,200-lb capacity lift axles are available from International to meet legal load requirements for different states. G&H is an ISO-9000 certified manufacturing facility.The Integrated Roll-Off features a pre-engineered chassis that is ready to accept the roll-off hoist system. The pre-punched frame is engineered to accept the body so customers can buy the complete truck and hoist from a single source. For customers in waste transport services, this approach ensures a better fit between the truck chassis and roll-off equipment, which will substantially simplify maintenance, reduce down time and increase efficiency.“Successful waste-collection businesses need to be efficient, which means we must deliver vehicles that help redefine standards of productivity and reliability for our customers,” said John Lamoureux, vice president and general manager, Severe Service Vehicle Center, International Truck and Engine Corporation. “The combined engineering and manufacturing efforts of the International Integrated Roll-Off trucks will save our customers time, money and headaches by providing a single source for purchase, service and support.” The new International Integrated Roll-Off truck is available in the International 7000 Series severe service truck.“We are excited about this new product,” said Lamoureux. “We believe the International Integrated Roll-Off truck will contribute directly to improved profitability for our customers, as measured by more productive employees, lower operating costs, increased uptime and greater resale value.”

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