International offers new multiplex applications

LIKE a handyman with a roll of duct tape, International Truck & Engine continues to find new uses for its multiplex electrical system.

With each NTEA convention or Truck Product Conference, the company reveals something new, and this year's Work Truck Show was no exception. International personnel announced:

  • A liftgate wiring package

    The prewired kit is designed to keep the driver from continually operating the liftgate until the battery of the truck is discharged.

  • Windshield-wiper control

    Some state departments of transportation report that they are forced to replace at least one windshield every year because they have been severely scratched by windshield wipers left running while snow-plow truck drivers take breaks. With this new application for the International electrical system, the wipers are automatically placed on the lowest intermittent speed after the vehicle is parked for a defined period.

Pretrip lamp test

With this feature, a driver can activate what International calls automatic lamp test mode. The applicable lamps are cycled, enabling the driver to perform a pre-trip test simply by walking around the vehicle. Repeat trips to the cab are not required.

Indicator lamp package

This warns the driver that a dump body is up or that the tailgate is open.

The big advantage of International's Diamond Logic electrical system is the flexibility it provides body companies to develop custom applications without the need for special engineering from the factory. This is made possible through software that International made available to distributors in October 2003. The system does require training, which can be done by taking a self-taught course International is offering on DVD.

The company also provided news about its new engine lineup. In order to comply with new emission regulations, International engines include 24-valve cylinder head, cooled EGR system, a redesigned fuel system, and new turbocharger, according to Gregg Saele.

Other engine news includes:

  • More horsepower ratings on the DT-466.

  • An electric grid heater is now being offered to help engines to start during cold weather. Ether start, previously the only option, will no longer be available from the factory.

  • Engine brakes will be available on medium-duty truck engines for the first time, as will a provision for front-mounted hydraulic pumps rated up to 20 horsepower.

International encouraged distributors to visit its Web site (

International's body-builder resource center is found under the customer support section of its Web site. Anything on the download section is available at no charge. However, to download, visitors must register. Registration is complimentary.

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