International 8500 Hauls a Load of Benefits

International Truck and Engine Corp is taking orders for the new International 8500 tractor, which features a multiplex electrical system, increased payload capacity, tighter turning radius with a 50° wheel cut, and the International HT 530 engine — making this the first regional-haul vehicle to offer an International-brand engine exclusively. The International 8500 is available only in tractor configurations. Performance highlights include:

  • The International HT 530 engine, an I-6, has an electronically controlled, variable-geometry turbocharger, delivering up to 340 horsepower with 700 ft-lb of clutch engagement torque.

  • Standard, parabolic taper leaf front springs with shocks.

  • The sloped hood is designed with three-piece construction and replaceable fenders and grill.

  • Multiplexing technology enables one wire to carry signals for several devices, resulting in up to 40% percent less wiring.

  • Roll-proof “D” style steel fuel tanks and fuel system plumbing with quick-connect fitting, an O-ring seal, and nylon lines.

  • 107″ bumper-to-back of cab, a 50° wheel cut, and high-pressure power steering system.

  • More headroom and belly room, a 100% improvement in HVAC performance, an ergonomic dashboard wing panel, and improved insulation and seals.

  • A tilted, swept-back and curved windshield with 50% more surface area.

  • A transmission cover designed to filter out engine and transmission noise.

  • Steps are evenly spaced and use wide-tread, offset stair-type steps with a three-point entry system.

  • Overall repair times are cut 20%, and the predictive maintenance function of the electrical system makes diagnosing problems easier than ever.

  • Breakaway mirrors and a powdercoat finish.

  • 24-hour service at participating dealers.

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