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InteliGUARD security system lets fleets control in-transit cargo from the office

On the anniversary of 9/11, InteliTRAILER Inc unveiled the InteliGUARD Locking System — an intelligent, stealthy, and tamperproof security system that goes inside trailers, containers, and railcars where it is virtually inaccessible.

For the first time, small, medium, and large fleets can maintain full control of their cargo while in transit, managing the locking and unlocking of trailer, container, or railcar doors from the back office. For example, the InteliGUARD Locking System OAK1 offers over-the-air keyless entry that a dispatcher can control from his or her desk after tracking and confirming the arrival of goods at the proper destination. This capability removes all personnel from accessing the cargo while being shipped and eliminates over-the-road product tampering, shrinkage, or theft.

Characteristics of the InteliGUARD system include:

  • Stealth- and tamperproof features (installed inside trailers, containers, and railcars)

  • Housing in bulletproof, steel enclosure

  • Options include “intelligent” technologies such as GPS tracking, awareness of unit security status (doors opened or closed), temperature monitoring, and damage intelligence

  • Customization to fit any size or type of door (rear or side doors, standard swing vertical, or roll-up)

For more details, visit, e-mail Chelsea Callicott at [email protected], or call (888)9-GUARD-9.

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