Innotec provides BoardFree LED lighting

Innotec introduces BoardFree LED lighting technology. BoardFree LED products offer these advantages:

  • Extreme durability — superior impact resistance, virtually indestructible

  • Ultra-thin profile — 50% thinner profile provides increased flexibility for mounting

  • Watertight construction — component encapsulation completely eliminates moisture

  • Laser-focused optics — Precision optics place the light where it is supposed to be

  • Affordable design — integrated design saves money on components and elimination of unnecessary brackets and grommets

BoardFree LED lights are made in the United States. Innotec offers a complete trailer set of BoardFree LED lights through supply partner relationships with North America's major OEM trailer manufacturers. These LED lights are also available through North America's leading aftermarket and accessories distribution channels.

This lighting has been road-tested and verified over a multi-year period and is also backed by a limited 10-year warranty.

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