Industrial laser shipments rise 75% in second quarter

At $173.6 million, second-quarter 2004 shipments of industrial laser equipment and systems for North America and United States exports were up roughly 75% from second-quarter 2003, according to the Laser Systems Product Group (LSPG) of AMT — The Association for Manufacturing Technology.

Industrial laser equipment and systems shipments within North America by the 41 companies reporting to the second- quarter 2004 LSPG statistical program totaled $119.8 million, while exports amounted to $53.8 million.

The LSPG report shows that shipments of carbon dioxide laser systems increased nearly 50% and Nd:YAG lasers were up more than 130% compared with the previous year's second quarter. The report also shows cutting applications as the largest source of industrial laser activity in second-quarter 2004, accounting for about 55% of all shipments. In addition, nearly 70% of industrial lasers shipped for the quarter were of the CO2 variety and nearly 90% of total shipments were configured as a laser system (laser source plus workstation).

Second-quarter 2004 dollar figures are based on data supplied by contributors to the LSPG statistical survey. The year-on-year percent change in CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers reflects the contributions of only those companies that participated in the statistical program in both second-quarter 2003 and second-quarter 2004. The report does not include increased shipments reflecting the addition of new program participants in second-quarter 2004.

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