Improved drawer slides hold 67% more

American Eagle Accessories Group has improved its heavy-duty drawer slides. The improved slides have been tested and certified to hold a capacity of 500 pounds, an increase of 67% over the previous 300-pound rating.

The drawer slides were assembled to their extendible length of 18 inches. They were then loaded with a certified weight of 500 pounds and a cycling device performed 100,000 cycles, at a rate of 12 cycles per minute. Once testing was completed, no damage that would affect the sliding function was found.

Other key features of the American Eagle drawer sets include the use of a key-locking T-handle that provides a one-handed operation, heavy-duty protection, and an attractive appearance. All drawer components are manufactured of galvanized steel to prevent rust and provide a virtually indestructible surface for the latches to strike. The metal edges of the drawers and the top shelf are hemmed for added strength and safety.

American Eagle drawers are also easy to install. Each drawer set features a standard riser built into them with mounting slots pre-punched. The individual drawers can be easily lifted from the set. E-mail Donna Popp-Bruesewitz at [email protected] for more details.

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