Hyva cylinders make their way to the USA

The Hyva Group, a Dutch manufacturer of hydraulic telescopic cylinders for dump trucks and trailers, has begun establishing itself in the United States.

Effective Oct 1, 2005, Hyva has opened a new office and warehouse facility in Itasca (Chicago) IL. The corporation will be responsible for sales in both the United States and Canada. Hyva has also established a warehousing facility in Houston TX to support customers in the southern states.

Hyva's line of telescopic cylinders has been made interchangeable with the current standards of the North American market.

Founded in 1979 in the Netherlands, Hyva soon became a leading supplier of transport hydraulics. In 2005 Hyva has 24 subsidiaries in 18 different nations and exports to more than 130 countries worldwide. This year, Hyva plans to produce more than 55,000 single-acting telescopic cylinders. The firm expects to have a total sales volume of US $250 million this year.

According to the Dutch director of Hyva, Marcel Birkhoff, the company's cylinder is maintenance-free and has substantial lower weight. “Our cylinder has a very smart design as it is assembled from the bottom, and therefore needs no gland nuts or bleeding,” said Birkhoff. “For instance, on our large semitrailer cylinders we managed to reduce weight up to 540 pounds as compared with our competition while having more lifting capacity and higher dump speed.”

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