Hyundai launches truck division in US

Korea's Hyundai Motor Co. has launched a division that will begin marketing Hyundai-made light- and medium-duty trucks next month in the United States. Jamesburg, NJ-based Hyundai Truck America (HTA) will be headed by Y.J. Choo and service an initial dealer group with more than 30 locations nationwide. HTA will offer HLD150 Class 4 light-duty and HMD230 and HMD260 Class 6 medium-duty trucks. HTA said its cabover trucks are suited for a wide range of business applications, including the P&D, nursery-landscape, towing-wrecker and food-service industries. "We know that the U.S. truck market is a very competitive and difficult market," said Hyundai executive vp Johng-Sik Choi. "We will try to meet the challenges of being in the U.S. with Hyundai's commercial vehicle products while trying to reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction."

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