Hyundai Invests in Manufacturing Facility

Hyundai Translead recently completed a multi-million-dollar addition of equipment in its fabrication facility in a Maquiladora in Mexico, just south of San Diego CA.

Expansion and retooling of the fabrication shop, and the acquisition of two nearby suppliers, provides ample production capacity for this manufacturer to create most fabricated parts required to produce its multiple line of container chassis — both freight and refrigerated — van trailers, and domestic containers.

With all installations in place, Hyundai Translead can produce almost 90% of fabricated parts required. At the cornerstone of this operation has been the purchase of heavy fabricating punches, presses, and plasma arc cutting shop equipment.

An Esterline Whitney 3700 ATC fabrication center adds to flexibility. Capable of plasma arc cutting programmed shapes or punching a 5" hole through 1/4" steel, this machine has bypassed the need for outside purchases of many fabricated parts.

A plasma-cutting table is used for most cutting and burning of special-shaped holes in heavy steel. There are five presses: three used for punching and two for bending steel shapes to precise conformity.

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