Hydro reorganizes, purchases VAW

Effective Jan 1, 2002, Hydro Aluminum Wells and Hydro Aluminum Metal Products North America have joined together to form a new company: Hydro Aluminum North America. The reorganization puts metal sourcing, trading, billet casting, extruding, finishing, fabricating, and manufacturing operations into a single source to serve the North American market.

In addition, Norsk Hydro ASA, the Norwegian oil and energy, light metals, and agri group entered into an agreement Jan 6, 2002, to buy all shares of VAW Aluminium AG, the German aluminum company. Hydro Aluminum North America will include the integration of VAW in North America (after regulatory approvals and conclusion of the proposed transaction).

Under the new organization, Hydro Aluminum North America consists of a Baltimore MD-area headquarters and five operating groups:

  • Trading & Recycling provides trading, scrap metal management, and logistical support with offices in Henderson KY.

  • Metal Products provides aluminum extrusion billet and foundry alloys from remelt facilities in Henderson and Monett MO. A third remelt facility under construction in Commerce TX is expected to come online in 2003. Metal Products also offers technical support on alloy selection.

  • Extrusion provides extrusion, finishing, and fabrication services from five plants in two regions. The East Region includes operations in Belton SC and Moultrie GA. The Midwest Region includes operations in Monett/Cassville MO and North Liberty IN. This unit contains Building Products manufacturing patio doors, flush glaze systems, storefronts, and other architectural products under the Wells trademark.

  • Components & Assemblies provides advanced manufacturing programs from two QS-9000-certified plants in Kalamazoo MI and Sidney OH for customers seeking to outsource production of major assemblies and subassemblies.

VAW will provide specialty pipe and tube production, extrusion, and specialty fabrication. This unit operates three extrusion plants with adjacent remelt facilities in St Augustine FL, Ellenville NY, and Phoenix AZ. It also operates two standalone fabrication plants in Fayetteville TN and Guaymas, Mexico.

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