Hydro Aluminum upgrades remelt facility

Hydro Aluminum North America has completed an upgrade of its Monett MO remelt facility. The upgrade is part of an $85 million investment program to enhance the quality of Hydro's remelt system in the United States.

The rededication not only marked recent enhancements of the Monett remelter, but also the ISO 9001: 2000 certification being awarded.

The $2.3 million upgrade at Monett includes the installation of a new log cooler (homogenization system) and a new Hycast degassing unit being installed. These upgrades come on top of several other improvements since 2000, including two new air slip-casting tables and an automated/PLC casting control system. Each investment has furthered the plant's long-term goal of constant product improvement, comparable to that from other Hydro plants in Henderson KY and Commerce TX, and further enhancing alloy customization capabilities.

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