Hydro Aluminum to sponsor extrusion design competition

Hydro Aluminum North America and the ET Foundation have signed an agreement establishing Hydro Aluminum North America as sole sponsor for awards in the 2004 and 2005 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition.

The Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition was created by the Extrusion Technology for Aluminum Profiles Foundation (ET Foundation) to promote greater understanding and use of extruded aluminum profiles, as well as to highlight innovations and recognize excellence in aluminum extrusion design.

This competition issues awards in two categories: a Student Design Competition held annually, and a Professional Design Competition held in even-numbered years. Students may submit entries in any category. Professionals choose from Architectural, Transportation, Industrial, Commercial, and Residential product areas.

Over the next two years, Hydro Aluminum North America will be the sole underwriter for the awards.

TAGS: Fabrication
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