Hydro Aluminum completes first phase

Hydro Aluminum's Extrusion North America unit in North Liberty IN completed the first phase of a $1-million-plus revitalization project to streamline its operations and increase its output, marking the occasion with a rededication ceremony and ribbon-cutting. Matthew Dionne, president of Hydro Extrusion North America, hosted the day's events.

“The investment signifies Hydro's long-term dedication to the 50-year-old facility and to supporting the workforce and the local economy in and around North Liberty,” said Ralph Westphal, the plant's general manager.

The facility's 10-inch, 3,600-ton press received a water-and-overhead-air quenching system, a dual puller system, and a flying cutoff saw. The saw will be incorporated with the existing handling table. Pullers are designed to handle extrusion speeds above 200 feet per minute. The cut-on-the-fly saw is a redesigned component to handle the speeds and heavy profiles from the extruder. The system design will allow for future upgrades as necessary.

Located near South Bend IN, Hydro's extrusion plant in North Liberty is a three-press operation that offers a variety of extrusions with fabrications and finishing services for transportation, industrial, electrical, electronics and other product markets. It employs 120 people.

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