Hydraulic brake rotors equipped with ZXP3

ArvinMeritor's aftermarket business introduced hydraulic disc brake rotors with a new, patented coating, called ZXP3, designed to protect against oxidation and corrosion. The initial launch will cover three part numbers, with more models to be released throughout the year.

The new coating will initially be applied to rotors with a cast-in ABS tone ring, and other applications for the coating are under research and development.

The coated rotors are being distributed under the Meritor and Euclid brands through commercial vehicle aftermarket distributors and OE truck dealers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico as of January 2010.

Brake rotors are made of iron, and rust is a common problem particularly in the tone ring area. It forms quickly on bare metal and can lead to diminished ABS braking performance, corrosion, and metal fatigue. ArvinMeritor's coating process ensures that the rotor receives a complete application.

“The coating adheres and seals thoroughly — even the outside edge of the cooling veins get coated — and will not wear or chip when exposed to heat, chemical deicers, wash solutions, pebbles, sand, or grime,” said Dennis Riedel, hydraulic brake product manager, Aftermarket. “After extensive testing both in the lab and in actual motor carriers' fleets, including 400 hundred hours of salt-spray testing, our coated rotors demonstrated improved service life over uncoated rotors.”

Visit www.arvinmeritor.com for more details.

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