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Hutchens Series 10 Slider has upgraded features, designed for vans and reefer trailers

The new Hutchens Series 10 Slider is a lighter-weight, durable subframe developed for dry van and refrigerated trailers, and it combines newer design concepts with lighter materials and Hutchens' advanced welding capabilities.

Production of this slider is maintained through the controls of Hutchens' UL-registered ISO 9001:2008 quality system. The Series 10 Slider is perfect for van/refrigerated trailers requiring a 48" nominal frame width and 49" axle centers. The slider uses a frame structure with redesigned hangers that still accommodate Hutchens steel leaf springs and suspension options. It works with all current Hutchens van slider body rails, and the Series 10 can be used in place of the H9801 spring slider since it produces the same mounting height.

The Series 10 Slider is backed by a 10-year warranty and features these improvements:

  • 9"-deep frame made from high-strength, 76 KSI minimal-yield steel

  • C-channel side rails with optimized flange contours reduce weight and resist corrosion

  • Corrosion-resistant individual hanger towers provide vertical load support

  • Full-depth crossmembers provide optimal lateral support

  • Huck fasteners used at high-stress crossmember attachments

  • Designed for reduced frame stresses and maximum durability at impact zones

  • Wide center hanger footprint increases frame and hanger life

  • Maintenance-free Huck-fastened rocker connection

  • Large-diameter lock pins and heavy-duty holddown clips resist braking loads and sliding forces

  • 1/2"-thick wear pads at spring contact points for extended service life

  • Patented EZ-Pull pin release system for repositioning

For more information, visit or call 800-654-8824.
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