Hutchens Industries, Huck Fasteners offer U-Spin demonstrations on-site

Hutchens Industries has joined with Huck Fasteners to provide on-site demonstrations of the Huck U-Spin lockbolt system for Hutch U-bolt applications. This demo is suitable for fleet managers, trailer OEMs, and owner-operators who want to see the latest in suspension U-bolt technologies. All that is required for an in-house demo is a 440-volt power connection — other equipment or supplies are provided within Hutchens' self-contained demonstration truck. The Huck U-Spin:

  • Hydraulically clamps all four U-bolt legs simultaneously in seconds.

  • Eliminates the need to check U-bolt torque.

  • Is less expensive than conventional nut runners.

  • Requires minimal operator training.

  • Is easy to operate — quiet, fast, and efficient.

  • Uses inverted U-bolts that pass around the axle — eliminating the need for a bottom U-bolt plate.

  • U-bolts require no further attention for the life of the spring.

For more information including demo schedules, phone Hutchens at 417-862-5012, ext 1171; or e-mail the company at [email protected].

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