Hoosier Tank & Mfg completes relocation

Hoosier Tank & Mfg Inc has finished its relocation into an 80,000-square-foot building in the South Bend IN Airport Industrial Park. The new location is only a mile from the 32,000-sq-ft facility Hoosier Tank first started operations in 1991. This move was made in three stages to ensure that customer orders were filled.

The facility was purchased in May 2004. Primarily used as a warehouse, the building required a six-month renovation to make it suitable for the production lines. A new 4,000-amp electric service along with air, water, hydraulic, and welding gas lines were a few of the additions necessary before the move.

Hoosier Tank will use some of the additional space for punch press lines. Punch presses and coil feeding equipment will be purchased to stamp the end caps and brackets for the tanks. These items are currently purchased from a stamping house using Hoosier Tank tooling.

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