The Holland Group exports air suspension, landing gear technology to China

The Holland Group, a global supplier of vehicle coupling, lift and suspension system products to the heavy-duty transportation industry, has recently agreed to license air suspension and landing gear technology to China.

The agreements with Zhenjiang Boahua Semi-Trailer for landing gear and the Beijing Corpco Technology Development Co., Ltd. for air suspension products, will allow the Chinese heavy-duty transportation industry to adapt Holland products for heavy trucks, trailers, buses, and motorcoaches.

Jeffrey Talaga, Managing Director - Holland China, will oversee the licensee agreements, which calls for stringent enforcement of Holland's quality requirement guidelines. Plans call for the manufacture of 10,000 front and rear air-suspension pieces for use within China and an undisclosed number of landing gear to be produced for China and other Pacific Rim countries.

Beijing Corpco Technology Development, a well-established heavy-duty transportation manufacturing entity in the country, will produce product from its manufacturing operations in Baotou Inner Mongolia. Zhenjiang Baohua Semi-Trailer Company, with operations dating back to 1995, has manufacturing and distribution facilities in Jiangsu province near Nanjing.

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