Hobart Brothers Opens Training Center

Hobart Brothers Co has opened a new training center to address new filler metal systems along with safety and health practices. Located at Hobart's plant in Troy OH, the training center uses welding power sources supplied by Miller Electric Mfg Co, Bernard MIG guns, Weldcraft TIG torches. and Smith Equipment gas regulators. Hobart developed the new training center to educate distributors, end-users, and employees on optimal application and use of Hobart filler metals, which include Hobart, Tri-Mark, Corex, and McKay brands.

The training center offers a process and product course that covers MIG, TIG, and stick welding, Hobart filler metal education, and techniques such as hard surfacing. A typical process class lasts three days, includes classroom technical training and is supplemented by lab exercises that simulate job site applications. Course length, class size, and curriculum can also be tailored for individual groups.

TAGS: Fabrication
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