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H&M expands intermodal trucking operations

Kearny, NJ-based H&M International Transportation has opened two new intermodal trucking operations in the Columbus, OH and Norfolk, VA markets to help address an increasing shortage of trucking capacity in those areas, according to Chuck Connors, president & COO of H&M.

"This brings us to eight intermodal truck operations running in California, from the Mississippi up the Ohio River, to the Northeast, down into the Southeast and now blanketing the entire Eastern Region of the U.S.," said Al Iannelli, executive vp at H&M. "We believe this is a real opportunity for shippers in our area as we can help them address capacity issues, congestion, security and a shortage of drivers."

"The H&M fleet is now at 400 trucks," added Connors. "With the nine rail intermodal lift operations we currently manage, container storage facilities, container freight stations, warehousing, and our distribution and customs examination sights, we still plan to invest in operations that make sense for our customers. If it's good for them and it's good for the intermodal marketplace, then it will be good for us as well. It's investments like these that will continue to help intermodal grow in the future."

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