Hino's new Model 268 truck outperforms International Durastar in fuel efficiency

The 2009 Hino Truck Model 268 (25,500 lbs. GVW) outperformed a competitor in fuel efficiency in a recent independent real world test. The Hino averaged more than 15 percent better than a comparably equipped 2008 International Durastar during an independent SAE-type fuel test.

This test was conducted by DWS Fleet Management, an independent testing company with extensive experience in fleet truck analysis and comparisons. Tests reflected real-world conditions on Interstate 295 in Jacksonville FL during late September and early October 2008.

Six tests were conducted on a 36-mile real-world route that included traffic, traffic lights, and even and uneven road surfaces, with all trucks driven by seasoned fleet drivers.

Unlike many track tests which approach laboratory conditions, this Hino vs. International comparison emphasized the same conditions normal fleet drivers encounter. Both trucks were driven on actual roads with normal traffic patterns. Weight was added to each truck to simulate normal shipments. The test was not designed to compare how the trucks performed in perfect conditions, but measured fuel efficiency in the kind of driving fleet drivers encounter every day.

Repeating the 36-mile test six times ensured that the final results were statistically significant, so that unusual conditions in any one circuit did not skew the results.

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