Hino Unveils Class 5 Truck for Canadian Market

Hino Motors Canada has launched its new Model 198—with a 220 hp, six-cylinder diesel engine—into the Canadian market, targeting light construction, courier services, landscaping, and service vehicles. Hino also has updated and upgraded its Class 6 258LP and 268 models, and its Class 7 338 and 358 models.

The company’s plant in Woodstock, Ont., has a capacity to build 2000 trucks a year—900 more than it’s assembling now.

In the past, Hino has stated that its goal is to increase its Canadian market share from 20 percent to 30 percent.

All five of the new trucks are powered by SCR-equipped engines, including the company's J08E-VC inline diesel six on the three smallest models -- the Class 5 198 and the Class 6 258LP and 268.

It produces 220 hp at 2500 rpm and 520 ft-lbs of torque at 1500. On the 198, Allison's six-speed 1000RDS transmission is the only choice, while the other two have an Allison option. That pair and the two Class 7 models have Eaton's six-speed direct-drive FS6406A as standard.

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