Hino Trucks Introduces Advanced Telematics Solution

Hino Trucks has released HINO INSIGHT, a web-based location and telematics solution in the medium-duty commercial truck market.

Hino’s solution provides GPS-based, remote fleet management capabilities to fleet operations of all sizes – driving efficiencies, safety, security, customer satisfaction and green initiatives.

Hino Trucks and its telematics technology partner, WebTech Wireless, have invested more than two years and over a million miles of real-world testing to develop the ultimate, value-added, versatile fleet management solution. INSIGHT is more than a basic telematics package, it is a complete solution including a mix of premium and Hino exclusive services ranging from, route tracking, geofencing, advanced vehicle administration, and planned maintenance management to real-time critical Hino proprietary diagnostics alerts, custom fleet performance dashboard reporting, and remote door unlock telemetry.

Additionally, Hino INSIGHT units come standard with a free 1-year service subscription plan and a 2-year Hino OEM full product warranty.

One of the unique elements to Hino INSIGHT is the Dashboard main page of the HinoInsight.com web portal, which is specifically designed for fleet managers to gain a daily snapshot of their fleets’ critical diagnostics status and performance against established targets. The INSIGHT Dashboard allows fleet managers to simultaneously access real-time vehicle and driver-related information including key metrics such as:

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