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Hino enters Class 4-5 cabover market

Hino enters Class 4-5 cabover market

Hino offers new 195 cabover with diesel power or as a diesel hybrid.Hino is offering its new 195 cabover with diesel power or as a diesel hybrid, the 195h shown here.

HINO now has a complete Class 4-7 lineup with the addition of Class 4 and 5 cabovers (COE) for the 2013 MY.

In the Class 4 market, Hino will offer the 155 diesel model and the first-ever US Class 4 diesel-electric hybrid model, the 155h. The 155 and 155h models will carry a 14,500-pound GVW rating. In the Class 5 market, Hino will offer the 195 diesel model and the first-ever US Class 5 diesel-electric hybrid model, the 195h. The 195 and 195h models will carry a 19,500-pound GVW rating.

“We see this as a growing market, so we're reintroducing Class 4 and 5 cabovers to the US market,” said Glenn Ellis, vice-president of marketing and dealer operations. “If you look at the demographics of the growth trend of the US, we're the only developed nation with a growing population, and that growth is going to occur in urban areas. Between 2009 and 2020, it's going to be much more condensed in urban areas. Because of that, there is more and more need for smaller trucks that can maneuver in inner-city, urban areas. We see tremendous growth there.”

All models are powered by the Hino J05E Series engine. The 5-liter engine is rated at 210 hp and 440 ft-lbs of torque. Utilizing Aisin's A465, 6-speed automatic transmission, the Hino hybrid is the first to be packaged with an automatic transmission.

Both models feature a wide cab with a North American standard 33-inch frame rail width, a 56,900 PSI frame, and a standard, center-mounted rear fuel tank. The cab's styling emphasizes aerodynamics and visibility with an angled windshield, narrow pillars and rounded-radius curves. Inside, the new cab uses its increased width to provide room for drivers up to 6-foot-6, seating for three and a versatile mobile workspace with a variety of organizational storage options. A crew cab version will also be available.

In addition to a diesel-electric hybrid option, both models meet or exceed EPA 2012 emission regulations by utilizing an optimized SCR system, with no credits required.

A Hino diesel or hybrid COE can be upfitted to fit exact business needs, whether it's for food and beverage distribution, general freight, landscaping, construction, or utility. With an available crew cab option, the Hino COE has a wide range of applications.

The Hino 155h and 195h diesel-electric hybrid cabovers were designed from the ground up for the US and arrive with the benefit of six generations of technology evolution and more than 10,000 production vehicles already on the road around the world.

Hino says its hybrid will be the only one in the Class 4-5 market and the only cabover hybrid in the marketplace.

“We think it's the best solution to have an impact on the environment,” Ellis said. “We are actually the pioneer in hybrid technology. We started developing hybrid series vehicles back in the 1980s. Our first-generation hybrid vehicle was produced in 1991 — a bus. This is the sixth-generation hybrid system we're introducing. What's new about it? We've re-designed it with the latest technology.”

The power control unit features a hybrid adaptive control system that continuously communicates with the engine control unit (ECU) to evaluate driving and road conditions to optimize the truck's fuel economy and performance. It has a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emissions reduction system and proprietary technology that lowers Nox emissions by more than 80%.

A 30-gallon, center-mounted fuel tank is standard on all COE models. A 33-gallon side mounted fuel tank is optional.

The hybrid system mode indicator and ECO drive display are designed to keep the driver informed of the hybrid system's operating mode and provide visual feedback (display turns green with optimized ECO driving) to encourage fuel-efficient driving and reduced emissions.

Hino has expanded the optional equipment list for the 2012 MY 338 to accommodate the needs of more vocations. The option combination of a clean cab-to-axle (CA) and an Allison 2500 transmission with Shift Energy Management (SEM) is designed for straight-truck beverage delivery, while municipalities running snow plows and utility service companies with aerial lifts have options for 14,000-pound front axle, front-frame extension, and 120,000psi frame.

One of the most valuable options available from Hino on the 338 model is Hino Insight powered by Webtech Wireless, which is a comprehensive telematics solution. Insight is an enabler for fleets of all sizes to achieve sustainable competitiveness by driving fleet operational efficiencies, safety, security, customer satisfaction, and green initiatives.

The “Dashboard” main page of the web portal is specifically designed for fleet managers to gain a daily snapshot of their fleets' critical diagnostics status and performance against established targets. The Insight dashboard allows fleet managers to simultaneously access real-time vehicle and driver-related information, including key metrics such as: Hino proprietary diagnostics critical alerts; idle time fuel savings opportunity calculator; targeted fleet performance for speed, acceleration, braking, and fuel usage; identification of trucks with greatest performance-improvement opportunities; in-route/driving fuel economy versus overall fuel economy; operating time utilization (drive time, idle time, and PTO time); and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank level monitoring.

The user administration interface of Hino Insight is extremely functional to accommodate the dynamic nature of fleet operations extending internally beyond the fleet manager to various functional roles such as, maintenance supervisors, logistics managers, dispatch, truck drivers, and customer service representatives, as well as externally to, authorities, insurance companies and end customers.

Insight includes an automated email scheduling system that enables for user defined groups of vehicles or drivers for selected reports, dashboards, vehicle critical and truck performance alerts, geofence/landmark parameters, and planned maintenance items, to be emailed and viewed internally or externally without having to access or purchasing computer software.

A few of the advanced options available to Insight customers include: two-way dispatch/driver communication, electronic driver logs with hours of service (HOS) reporting, real-time job management, navigation routing, security/blind spot video monitoring, axle payload weight monitoring, security alert system with emergency call center integration, seat belt and tire pressure monitoring, accelerometer accident reporting, and fully customized vocational solutions for applications such as snow plow, waste management, fuel delivery, and more.

The power control module is linked to an Aisin automatic transmission through a set of cablesThe power control module, foreground, is linked to an Aisin automatic transmission through a set of cables marked with orange insulation, what has become the standard color for identifying high-voltage cables used on hybrid vehicles.

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