Hiniker Dual Track actually two trailers in one

The Dual Track Trailer from Hiniker Co offers superior on- and off-road capabilities in one trailer. On-road, it can securely transport up to two ATVs on a 96-inch, aluminum diamondtread bed. Off-road, the Dual Track Trailer's 24-inch sides fold upright, making it 53.5 inches wide for narrow trails, or fold flat for narrow 50-inch overall width. Rubber-mounted torsion axles adjust from 64 inches in highway mode to 40 inches in trail mode.

Constructed of formed tubular steel, the Dual Track Trailer provides a durable, safe transportation method for any load up to one ton. This versatile trailer also features a retractable tongue, a 2-inch ball hitch for towing, pre-wired flush mount rear lights with flat four-prong connectors, and Sport Trax highway tires. Optional dual-purpose folding ramps also act as front and rear end gates for secure load transportation.

The Dual Track Trailer can be quickly and easily converted for storage. Its slender body design fits well in tight storage spaces. Instead of having to store two trailers, Dual Track allows for one-trailer storage, but two-trailer use.

For more details, contact Hiniker, Mankato MN.

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