Hendrickson trailer axle reduces weight

Bigger is not necessarily heavier, as shown by the new 5¾" diameter trailer axle from Hendrickson International Trailer Suspension Systems, Canton, Ohio. The larger diameter enables the company to trim the thickness of the axle walls to save between 20 and 27 pounds per axle.

The larger diameter provides several advantages over the industry's standard five-inch trailer axles, says Hendrickson's Gary Ciapetta. It is 15% more resistant to deflection and less prone to twist in response to torsional loads. The reduced defection in turn extends tire life and enhances roll stability of the trailer.

Hendrickson will begin producing the new axles in September, making them standard on its VanTraax and Intraax suspensions. The company will offer a choice of 20,000- and 30,000-lb capacities.

Refinements in the company's suspension systems included integrated Dock Stabilizing Technology (DST) for its Vantraax slider suspensions, tapered beams on the Intraax AANT 23,000-lb suspension, and a 46,000-lb capacity Intraax for platform trailers.

The DST includes a patent-pending height control differential dump valve that combines trailer height control and differential dumping in one package. Hendrickson installs the HCDDV and adjusts the system to correct ride height at the factory. A choice of 16", 16.5", 17", and 18" ride heights can be specified.

The tapered beam shaves 35 pounds off the Intraax AANT 23,000-lb suspension. Plans call for production of the 46,000-lb Intraax to begin this summer.

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