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Henderson enhances First Response 3-N-1

Henderson Mfg Inc, maker of the First Response 3-N-1 snow and ice control system, announces new features for the product to enhance its performance.

Enhancements include a completely enclosed cabinet to house all pumps, valves, and flowmeters; an auger drive system and related components; and 3:1 planetary gear case reduction. Other features include:

  • Dual 7"-diameter, variable-pitch augers to convey granular material.

  • Wider bottom combined with counter-rotating augers to help prevent bridging and break up frozen materials.

  • Completely enclosed spinner chute has internal baffles to direct material to spinner spinner disk for directional control. A “dump over” feature allows dumping a hopper bypassing the spinner for fast emptying at the end of a run.

  • Fully baffled liquid reservoirs reduce liquid movement for grater stability.

For complete details, contact Henderson, 1085 S Third St, PO Box 40, Manchester IA 52057.

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