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Henderson debuts Green3 product line

Henderson Products Inc has introduced its new Green3, Exponentially Better line of Green Products. All the Green Products have been developed with attention to application techniques, which increases the amount of granular material that remains on the road surface, thereby reducing negative environmental impacts. This precision helps reduce application rates, saving chemical cost and maintaining safer roads.

The Green3 product line derives its name from the three key elements, which make up the benefits offered by the products themselves: Environment, Economy, and Safety. The Environment benefit of these products is cleaner roadsides and ditches due to the high percentage of salt and chemical staying in the targeted area. The Economy benefit comes from reduction in application rates and reduced trips over the same roadways, saving fuel and manpower. From a Safety standpoint, these products help municipalities provide cleaner roadways faster by using the proper mix and amount of chemicals on the roadway and providing a better mechanical means of removing snow and ice.

While new products will be developed and introduced to the Green3 product line over time, the current product mixconsists of the First Response, TaskForce, Squee-G Plow, High Tech Spreader, Wedge Tanks, and LAS System.

Access for more details.

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