Heil Trailer renews Contract with First Index Inc

Heil Trailer International has extended its agreement with First Index, Inc. Heil Trailer uses First Index's RFQ Tools and Supplier Network to accelerate its process of identifying qualified metal fabrication suppliers. In addition to Heil Trailer contracting with domestic fabrication suppliers, it also has used First Index to identify suppliers of fittings and castings in select low cost countries.

"After evaluating various options, First Index's experience in sourcing engineered metal components was the perfect solution for our needs. By partnering with First Index we have maintained our competitiveness in the marketplace," said Chuck Wittum, VP of Supply Chain, Heil Trailer.

John Jung, CEO of First Index, said, "We are so pleased that an industry leader, such as Heil Trailer, continues to choose First Index as their sourcing solution partner. Our supplier network, online sourcing tools and sourcing professionals are a perfect match for Heil Trailer's needs and desired results. Furthermore, we are constantly investing to expand our services and capabilities to anticipate the future needs of all our customers."

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