Heil integrates high cube pneumatic production into Texas plant

Heil Trailer International has announced the integration of its entire North American high cube, pneumatic trailer manufacturing operations into its Rhome, Texas, facility. As a result of this decision, Heil’s Lancaster, Pennsylvania, manufacturing facility will close in December. “Integrating the Lancaster operations with those in Texas is part of our aggressive pursuit of greater operational efficiency and manufacturing improvement,” said Robert Foster, President of Heil Trailer International. “The move also provides for future growth with ample room for expansion in a more modern facility.”All of the engineering, fixtures and tooling will be transferred for a seamless transition and no products will be discontinued as a result of the integration. The advantage of increased focus and leveraged synergies will provide: Even higher levels of quality. Centralized customer service. Centralized engineering and new product development. Improved operational efficiencies.“For many years, the Lancaster operation has been a valuable part of the Heil team," Foster said. "Considering the impact that closing the facility will have on affected employees and their families, we thoroughly analyzed the situation before making our decision. While the TX and PA facilities have operated successfully on their own, both facilities have focused on a product segment that has seen a steady decline over the last several years. "Our analysis shows that individually, the two plants would never be able to reach and leverage the greater volumes and leaner processes enjoyed by combining operations in the larger and more efficient Texas facility. It is our responsibility to our customers; shareholders of our parent company, Dover Corporation and all of our employees that we take actions which benefit the long-term growth and improvement of our entire enterprise.”

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