Heat-resistant epoxy adhesive designed for structural bonding

For high-performance bonding strength to both similar and dissimilar substrates, Master Bond Polymer Supreme 46HT-2 was developed. This two-component adhesive features high temperature resistance along with superior toughness and strength. It has superior durability, thermal cycling, and shock capabilities, as well as electrical insulation properties.

With a balance of peel and shear strength properties, Supreme 46HT-2 is suitable for applications where long-term exposure to wide temperature ranges between -100° and +500° F is required. It is used extensively in aerospace, electronic, metalworking, transportation, appliance, and chemical/oil processing applications.

With a mixing ratio of 100 to 30, it cures at elevated temperatures with a minimum 250° F required for cure. Moreover, product properties are relatively unaffected by small changes in mix ratio. There is also a non-drip version called Supreme 46HT-2ND2 that will not flow during cure. It is available for purchase in half-pint, pint, quart, one-gallon, and five-gallon container kits.

E-mail James Brenner at [email protected], phone 201-343-8983, or visit www.masterbond.com to learn more.

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