HDMA Forms Council for Industry’s Premier Manufacturer’s Representative Firms

The Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association has formed a new council, the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Representatives Council (HDMRC), whose mission will be to provide an exclusive discussion and networking forum for the senior executives of North America’s top heavy-duty, OEM and aftermarket manufacturer’s representative firms.

HDMRC will meet on a regular basis to discuss industry and market trends, compare best practices and strategies to communicate the value proposition of HDMRC member manufacturer’s representative firms to the industry.

"HDMRC was developed by HDMA and owners of Independent Manufacturer Representative firms interested in providing a professional, ethical and effective business partnership with those Manufacturer/Principals that choose to use Independent Manufacturer Representatives and a cost-effective alternative to, or in conjunction with a factory-direct sales force,” says John Stojak, HDMRC board member and manufacturers representative of the Sherman-Pearson Company. “Our goal will be to continually Add-Value to these relationships and to inform, educate and promote the role of the Independent Manufacturer Representative in the Heavy Duty, OEM and Commercial Vehicle market."

In today’s business environment, the ability of many suppliers to field a large sales force has diminished due to the fixed cost associated with market development. HDMRC plans to encourage the strategy of using manufacturer’s representatives and the variable cost associated as an effective method of maintaining a direct customer interface. HDMRC members are pre-screened by its board of governors and the council membership on a set of requirements regarding the rep firm structure, market focus, integrity and professional image. All must be under a representative agreement and in good standing with HDMA member supplier companies.

“We are very pleased to be able to include HDMRC in our family of HDMA councils and forums,” said Tim Kraus, president and COO of HDMA. “The council will improve the overall professional image, business practices and knowledge base for all members. It will also provide the ability for our supplier members to review manufacturer’s rep firms, their web sites, operating areas and other pertinent information. It will place HDMRC members in a differentiated strata in the industry, while providing the council members with opportunities to learn, grow and participate in so many of the industry activities that are important to their peers and customers,” Kraus concluded.

Currently, HDMRC consists of 22 member firms, all representing HDMA member supplier companies, covering territories across the US, Canada and Latin America. Those who wish to join HDMRC must represent at least one of the current HDMA member company, be nominated by three current council members, approved by the HDMRC board of governors and then voted upon by the active membership of the council. Please contact [email protected] to request additional information on this council.

The next HDMRC meeting will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, prior to the HDMA/Randall Reilly Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference in Dallas, August 20 and 21. The following meeting will be during the week of January 28, 2014 during Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week, at The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

A full description of the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Representatives Council, including a complete listing of HDMRC firms and contact information for HDMA supplier members to access, will be posted to HDMA’s website. For more information on HDMRC or any of HDMA’s other councils and forums, please visit www.hdma.org

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