HDMA addresses energy efficiency

The Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association has announced the initial formation of the HDMA Strategic Energy Council. Comprised of HDMA member companies engaged in manufacturing and marketing heavy-duty energy-efficient technologies, products, or systems, the Strategic Energy Council is being formed to provide and maintain communication as appropriate with federal agencies.

This council consists of two separate working groups to provide focused attention to specific areas of knowledge: the Heavy Duty Strategic Energy Executive Group and the Heavy Duty Strategic Energy Technical & Marketing Group.

The Heavy Duty Strategic Energy Executive Group is made up of HDMA member executives representing HD suppliers to OEM truck and trailer manufacturers and who are actively involved in manufacturing or development of energy-efficient technologies, lightweight materials, and other products that contribute to the reduced consumption of fuel. The goal of this coalition is to work with Congress to provide tax incentives, grants, and rebates that encourage development and adoption of new, mature, and proven energy-efficient technologies for both OEM and aftermarket commercial vehicles.

The HD Strategic Energy Technical & Marketing Group is a targeted group of HDMA member senior technical executives, engineers, and marketing professionals involved in the design, development, or marketing of HD industry energy-efficient technologies. This council has a strong interface with the MEMA Governmental Affairs office in Washington DC and contributes frequently with comments on notices of proposed rules (NPRMs) to offer industry insight in the instances of potential governmental regulations for this industry.

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